Rocky Mountain National Park

BJ posted on Facebook at 12:02 pm: 70 through Western Kansas sucks.

Then at 8:13pm: On the drive into Estes Park today, some amazing views of the mountains. Also - we discovered the hard way that I-470 in Denver is a toll road - $33 for the camper was NOT worth the 10 minutes google maps said we saved. More photos to come tomorrow when we actually make it into the park!!


We couldn't contain ourselves from heading to the park after dinner. Nearly empty all around except for people watching the wildlife. Official count for the night.
2 Coyotes (You can see one in the photo of Amanda and the kids looking into the field, its above and slightly to the right of Katie's head)
2 Turkeys
4 Mountain Goats (one big Ram with full horns)
Too many Elk to count.
We are all bushed and looking forward to an entire day in the park tomorrow!!!!



Big Horn! Can you see them in the middle of the picture climbing on the Rock?