Katie and Ray's YouTube

The best part about having Ray and Katie around for the school year is I get to see all their fun and hilarious ideas get played out. I find myself pulling out my camera to catch the things they do. Here are some of my favorite videos from the last few weeks. 

They love the trampoline! This is a game they play where one of them lays down and the other pretends to trip and fall down!

At the Farm:

School Start

Yesterday we ended our summer earlier than usual and started school!

Not before we had some more fun at the farm and cut Boppy's hair:

Katie and Lindsay playing dolls and ponies:

Sam and Ray messing around...Frank was nearby. The three of them are best friends! Ray even got to spend a week at their home in Omaha: 

This is how he came home, Aunt Em cut his hair:

Meanwhile, Katie loved the extra attention and let me do her hair:

Her and BJ are have been espically close, so when Delta got shut down and he had an extra day at home, she snuggled, and snuggled, and snuggled with him:

In the end, Katie blossomed under the limelight:

got extra time with her friends and their kitten:

but truly missed her "Ray-Ray" and was happy to have him back. 

We spent a morning at Aunt Grace's helping with freezer meals: 

Hannah was at school, but Caleb loved hanging out with Ray and Katie loved having all Hannah's toys to herself.

Still loving our truck, this was taken the day we bought it, we got a custom calendar in the mail just in time to keep track of all the crazy moving dates! 

My little Princess:

She did my hair!

My little man:

He even kept cool when the gun miss fired:


Its like watching a storm roll in from the distance. 

We have the house here in Missouri up on the market. We have looked at homes in Atlanta. Now it is a waiting game...I get a text that someone wants to see the house, freshen up everything, and leave with the dog and kids. After a real estate agent takes the potential buyers through, we get emailed about what they like or don't like. We still haven't had and offers, so we keep busy enjoying our summer. I still love the adult coloring book BJ got me:

We are still boating and going to the camper when we can: 

Riding with the windows down:

Lots of swimming!

Silly kids sitting backwards in their chairs! 

This week Ray started some Physical Therapy for the tight muscles on the back of his legs. You can see him working hard in the background while Katie poses with her animals:

They are growing up to be such wonderful helpers!

In fact, Ray built this scooter for Katie while Daddy was in Atlanta!

Katie loves how long her hair is now: