Stupid Jeep!

So, if you can, imagine that this is me (not her lovely Grandma Wood) in the picture with my beautiful niece Lindsay....because when we tried to drive to Omaha, the Jeep broke down and we had to turn back. So instead of getting to see some of my favorite people in all the world, I am stuck at home suffering from withdrawls:(

This one is a bit more difficult because you've got to imagine another four smiling faces. 

Don't you just love this one! Sam, Frank and Hannah crack me up!

So instead of re-posting the pictures that Grace put on Facebook of all the fun they had. I decided to include the pictures we had taken at the beginning of the month when we where up in Omaha last. 

I LOVE this one of Hannah, she looks so sweet!

Lindsay looking tiny!


I am really blessed to have such wonderful little people to love and it really kills me that I might have to wait for Christmas to see all of them again. Oh, but what a wonderful Christmas it will be!!! So Emily and Rob, make sure all the repairs on your van are in order long before you come out:) Heck, if you are feeling like buying a new vehicle that works too!

Man Movies

Boppy's reaction to Rays constant photos and movie taking:)

Ray's explanation of his masterpiece

Latest and Greatest

 So Katelyn has a new favorite binky and no longer likes the Soothies I bought a bunch of. It a good thing she is so adorable in purple!

 This week she's been figuring out how to get things she wants by getting up on her knees. 

"Boppy sure loves this black button thing, I wonder what would happen if..."

Rays creativity is amazing!

Puddle of Peaches

Learning to Use a Spoon

Why dirty a bowl if you already have a bib?


Gamma and Boppy helped too! We got Boppy to leave the computer to take pictures of Katie because all of us where arm deep in craving:)

Angry Birds!

 Gamma's, Boppy's, the kids (craved by BJ), and mine

They turned out awesome!

In the Bath

Words just can't express how blessed I feel to have such 
wonderful little people to take care of!

Splish Splash!

Katie is sitting on her own in the tub now so I thought I'd grab the camera to share the cuteness while Ray still thinks it is fun:)

Katelyn LOVES to suck the water out of the washrag, plus her top teeth are just about ready to come in so it was just what she wanted!

See What Katie Can Do!

High Chair

Katie's Tricks


Six Month Pictures

Conference Weekend

Thies Pumpkin Land

We had a heat wave today at the Thies Pumpkin Land. Ray and Jared had a wonderful time exploring everything and going though the hay tunnels. 

Awesome tire horse swing!

Tickle Attempts

So Katelyn doesn't laugh much for me, oh but boy does she love to laugh for Ray. I tried really hard this week to get a video and this what I could get. 

As soon as she saw me she stopped playing with Ray

She did more a scream when I tickled her....oh and sorry about the coughing...I think Ray does a great job of doing the recording on this one:)

Good Shot?

I was tired of not getting a good picture as Katelyn just did not want to sit still! I hoped that she would at least smile once - the smile she shot at me at the end of the video is priceless!


You would never guess from the pictures that we are all coughing and sneezing at each other. 

I LOVE this outfit on Katelyn, she looks so big!

No, Katelyn is NOT picking her nose:)

These are my nieces Hannah (almost 2) and Lindsay (at 3 weeks)

Uncle Rob (Emily's husband) feeding Katie Bananas!