What?!?! Sleep?

Here Ray has decided to pretend to go to sleep at 9pm, then wake up again at about 9:40 and not REALLY go to sleep till about 11pm. 
We are hoping the situation is temporary and is just because of all the teething. Oh, and sorry about the video quality, it isn't my best, but it was too cute not to post. 

Long time no write!

Hi everyone! We are finally unpacked and have internet in Missouri. This is Ray with this new favorite toy, his Gamma has at our house. That is right, we are living with BJ's parents right now in St. Louis, MO. We were able to rent out our house and made the drive here in just two days. We left on Sunday after making a last visit to Grandma Goff in Salt Lake. 

Then Sunday Morning about 6am we started the drive to Missouri. BJ drove the moving truck with Clara, our dog, at his side, while I drove the Alero with Ray crying in the back seat and Cassandra, our cat, complaining most of the way. I was grateful when we finally stopped 7pm CST in Colby, KA. We got up earlier on the next day (leaving at 4:30am CST) to hopfully get more driving time with Ray asleep, and made it to our new home at 5:30pm CST. So all in all, not to bad! We are enjoying our time with all of BJ's family and are looking forward to all the hoildays coming up, it will all be a first to Raymond. 

Oh, in the middle of all this, Raymond has cut 5 more teeth (that makes it a total of 7 teeth!), is 17 lbs 2 oz, 26 inches long and his head measures 17 1/4 inches

Bottle Fun

Happy times

We are proud to have a new baby nephew: Frank. Unfortunately we where not there in person so these are borrowed pictures from Aunt Grace and Uncle David. Frank is the fourth son of BJ's oldest sister, Emily. I also included pictures of the brothers: Sammy (the youngest) and Jackson (in front) and Josh. We miss them very much and can't believe how much they have grown.

We had a Bodell Reunion this past Sunday and Ray got to chill with his Grandma Goff.

These where taken today as he played sitting up very own for a long time!

Then he decided to fall over. He sort of says "mama" now I don't think he knows what it means, but I couldn't help but pick him up. He was really tired and wanted to sleep after all the playing. (notice his toys thrown down on either side of him:)

The reason he is smiling is because he made a huge "suprise" in his paints and highchair for me. For those of you who already heard BJ brag about it....here is the proof: