Daddy's Little Princess

How can you help but give such a sweetheart everything she wants!

It helps that she LOVES to wear her shirt that says "I Love Daddy" EVERY CHANCE she gets.

I've found a few tops and bottoms to Katie's favorite cookies so I taught her a new trick for the cookie she has left after licking off all the frosting: 

Dipping her hot dogs into Ketchup:

Ray giving her a ride on the swing

How she gets her way and loves talking on my iPhone

Play Date x3

Monday, yesterday, and today were jam-packed with fun and excitement because I had 2 extra kiddos all day long:) Thankfully, Kai, the oldest is good friends with Ray so they where off playing and being nice for the most part. I found myself focusing most of my attention on Katie and Thor!

Thor was a little shy in this first video..even gave me a look and stopped! I was just happy to get that awesome dance on video:D

It only took him a little bit to warm up to me and my crazy video/photo taking ways:) 
Katie's in the back doing her thing...she had spent quite a bit of time "teaching" Thor the joy of "talking on the phone." You can see she kept the cell phone and give poor Thor a walky-talky...I just love how he gets a concerned look on his face....and yells louder and louder to make it work. 

As long as Thor let Katie "mother" him he was safe...she would share and take care of him. BUT as soon as he tried to be a playmate (and she as at all tired)....lets just say the poor guy's got an imprint of Katie's teeth to prove my little girl can be cranky without her beauty sleep:(

Rocking the Chair:

Trying to take naps: 

I love how Thor is putting his arm around Katie in this one:

Popsicle time! Yes Katie is sitting on Ray's lap...and he is being an awesome big brother for sharing his Boom Pop with his cool big brother way. 

I realize I didn't get pictures of videos of Kai, I think that was because he and Ray were inseparable. Thanks for hanging out with us, Kai and Thor!

Katelyn Then and Now

Recently some lost pictures were found of Katie's blessing. Gamma's mom or the kid's Great Grandma Stutt (Muna) was in town, so it was a very special occasion. 

So Sweet!

Katie a different story:

She can be bossy

She is screaming "mine" 

Demands to do things on her own

 But still likes to be taken care of

 Oh, and she is nosy

But more importantly she is my wonderful little girl and I would NEVER change her for the world!

I love her laugh

and seeing her learn new things

Fourth of July Time


World of Birds

Just hanging out:)

At the Farm: 

 In Omaha


Unkie on the huge slide!

Summer of Cousins

We had to say Good-bye to Hannah:(

Did some shopping,

...and are enjoying time with family!

I MADE HER LAUGH! I have a hard time because she is NOT ticklish like Ray, so I don't get the giggles on cue I do with this is just about my FAVORITE VIDEO.

Oh but wait....there was the Magic House and some more fun in there somewhere!
I loved that we went stroller-free this time because Katie wanted to explore on her own.

Katie trying to get in on the comfyness.