We Came We Conquered

Katie as the Knight Princess!

This is my favorite January picture because it shows how it has been for all of us. We've had some fears and worries, but in the end we are moving forward fearlessly. If you've talked to us at all the pass few months, we have been back and forth about investing in a camper to keep near Mark Twain Lake for boating. We have terrible luck with tent camping and have been rained out every time, so this year-round Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 23DBH camper is the perfect solution for the unpredictable weather of Missouri! We can't wait to set everything up and for the weather to be warm enough camp and go boating at Mark Twain National Park! 


Katie dislikes the pain that can come from brushing or putting things in her hair, but finally her desire for shushing "ponies" out-weighed the fact that mommy has to help her. "NO HELPING!" she screamed at me until I explained that she can have 2 ponies at the same time! 

Ray started Basketball this month and with lots of practice, is showing substantial improvement! He is much more brave when it comes to getting the ball and even mustered the courage to pull out two of his own teeth! In this picture he is holding his cousin Caleb who is now almost 12 weeks old! 

In fact, there is a lot of growing around here these days, both Katie and Rose had trouble fitting into some of their favorite places:) 

However, I did manage make and fit 22 freezer meals into our freezer!  

All in all....it is a great kick off to a new year! 

Yes that is Ray:P

Playing with Footies!

Improved Passes

Katie's Tantrum

Kate on iPad


At Home


Watching Birds: 


I really am the luckiest Mommy in the world! 

Winter Break

We LOVED having Daddy home:

Getting ready for a Dance Party:

Just hanging out:

Being silly and wearing Katie's slippers on his ears:

What Katie thought:

Making Stuff

What Ray and Katie made: 

What Ray made:

 What Mommy made: