Summer Fun















Little Mulberry Park

We took the bikes to go on a bike ride. 

Actually Katie crashed on the first hill and so I stayed at the playground with her while the boys went on ahead...and saw a deer!

Fabulous Summer

We love having so many neighborhood swimming pools close by with awesome friends that share their toys with us:

A good friend, Kristina, helping the younger kids (Katie on far right) remember to share:

Lots to fun at home:

And at Home Depot:

The Myler Adventure

BJ posted on Facebook on May 31st at 1:15am:

Finally made it home. I will catch up all the remaining posts over the next few days, but this trip by the numbers
6210 miles driven
27 days

16 states
6 National Parks
4 Time Zones
3 Monuments
1 very tired family
It was an incredible adventure. Now to see the mess that is waiting for me at my desk.

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Long Road Home

Monument Valley

Last Day at Grand Canyon

May 22nd

It was a big day with a drive to the Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest National Park!