Getting in the Christmas Spirit

There are a lot of fun things to do in St. Louis for Christmas. Here we are at the Botanical Gardens for there Train Show. It was really amazing. 
All but the white lighted trees are REAL Plants! It was wonderful the smell all the Pointstas 

Unfortuatly this picture came out blurry but you can see the Ski Lift on the Right, and then just below is clearer of the Skiers coming down!

There is this really big outdoor light show that we went to see 
They have lift size wisemen and Camel Rides. So I had my first Camel ride!

They also had a petting zoo with lots of baby animals, even a baby camel! Ray wasn't so sure about how close they were to him.

But he still ended up having a great time.

Such a great time in fact that he was lights out asleep that night.

Rays first Holidays

Thursday we went to the Mall with Gamma, Grace, Emily and her boys to get pictures with Santa and do some shopping. Ray was pretty tired but he stayed awake the whole time. He even calmed down for the picture with Santa and snuggled into Santa! He is such a cutie!

Here we are on the Carousal:
Watching the train while we waited 

Car ride with his cousin was so much fun to watch them together

This was shopping on Black Friday/the day after Thanksgiving. The funnest thing is that he was in the cart like this the whole time we where there!

Ray decided he wanted to get into his bouncy seat again. 

So this was during Thanksgiving dinner, yep! he sleep through the whole thing:)
I guess it could have been because we had been out to the river and park earlier that day

I love his picture during his first real swing ride, he was laughing...check out the video

Random Update

Ok, this video bit is a little old, but it is too funny not to post. I am working on getting a good video of Ray crawling but this footage with the DS is a great prelude because the DS is what we used as motivation for Ray to crawl. 

Also, I wanted to post some pictures of my way cute newphews. It has been a blast to finally get to spend the hoildays with them. 
Here are the boys all together when we first moved, notice in the next pictures how relaxed and happy Ray is with them now, and how much they all have grown! 

Here are their "Christmas Photos" the cool thing is that Grace, my sister-in-law will be taking our pictures on Thursday, I am really excited. Doesn't she do an awesome job!?!?!

Rob and Emily included:

Needless to say they are a fun time, here are some of the other pictures I took over the weekend:
BJ is dressed warm for hunting, but the socks made me think of a baseball player, so here he is posing for the camera:P He is so much fun!

Jackson and Ray as Batman:

Then Sam and Josh join in for the picture taking

Ray always sleeps well after playing hard with his cousins:

This was for the weekend of Franklin's Blessing and the boy's had their Primary Program.