Rain Rain Go Away!

This past weekend we went on our first family camp out! It was rainy but the kids still had a wonderful time! Katie basically stole Ray's camp chair...so we will be getting another one for our Memorial Day Weekend. We can't wait to do it all again...just with hopefully less rain! 

BJ was doing some reloading, and just like Ray at this age...Katie wanted to shake the bullets:) You can see her little hand fuzzy with movement!

Another pass time of Katelyn is BUBBLES! She loves to do it all by herself. 

Playing the Xylophone with spoons (with a little dancing at the beginning): 

And trying to pick up her friend Thor, when she isn't able to, she refuses to let go of him:

It was a very frustrating morning (see the yellow bottle of bubbles under her). No wonder I didn't hear her yammering at me when I had to run to the bathroom:) 


The Zoo With Daddy!

No more cast!

Time out?

Ray's Amazingnes!

Count Down to Cast Off

Here are some of the things we've been doing to pass the time: 

Katie's Hair is getting long enough to pull up! TOO CUTE!

She discovered one of Ray's favorites: CORN ON THE COB!!!

She got this Plah-doh oven for her Birthday. I wish I did a video so it would've been easier to see that she is hugging, rocking, kissing and singing to her toy!

We've been spending more time outside gardening, camping, and playing: 

Here is the tent we got: 

First Steps!

Conference Weekend

A Cast Doesn't Slow us Down