Fixin' Stuff

I was pretty proud of BJ getting our camp stove up and running, it is a stove his family used while he was growing up!

Lately Kate has been doing fixing, building and mischief of her own. She put this motor into her hair and I had to cut it free:(

Why is bedtime the ONLY time she will let me do her hair?


Thursday night the stars aligned and we are the new owners of a fun little 17 Foot Boat!

Friday night we packed and got an innertube ready: 

Then it was off to Mark Twain Lake for some fun! 

Rose surprised us with how well she behaved. She spent most of the time in the shade under BJ.

BJ and I went out on the tube first.

But Ray showed us both up!

After almost six hours, these two were out cold:

Nap Time

Daddy changed things on her and she made sure he know how she felt!

Earlier in the week: 

Great Start to the School Year

The Myler Family Academy starts today! Kate, Ray, and Rose have a great year ahead of them.

We are all on a high from a weekend of family! Kate, Hannah, and Lindsay in pink!

Gamma also got new pajamas for the girls. Kate is posing for a "thank you" photo for Gamma:

Working Together

Hanging Out

On our trip to the Farm:

Rose sitting in Katie's lap:

Gamma and Ray playing Battleship with their legs propped a get comfy for a long session of calling out coordinates. 

My babies favorite food:

We sang to Gamma for her Birthday:

Our harvest of Sunflower seeds, nice and toasted:)

Some more fun:

BJ's First Selfie

I am the happiest person alive! Thank you BJ for EVERYTHING that you do for me! You are unbelievably AWESOME at everything you do: School (yay for a break before your LAST SEMESTER), Work (you totally smoked the Weight Challenge and they honestly can not function without you), and Family (Thanks for your endless help and support and being the BEST DAD in the world to our children). My life would SUCK WITHOUT YOU! Thanks for always knowing how to bring a smile to my face, NO MATTER WHAT! 

ALL Grown Up

She thinks she is old enough...


Rainy Day Fun

When Couches are for more than just sitting on:

Fun Time with Aunt Heather

While my sister was visiting in Kansas City, we decided it was about time we spend some time together. So about half-way between Kansas and St. Louis, we meet up in this little piece of heaven: Shelter Garden's in Columbia, MO

When we got there it was raining so we ate lunch in a Gazebo until it stopped. There was a nice path and ponds with coy and even a School House!

My sister Heather and her youngest, Vaughn

Ray coming and Vaughn going (the garden was the perfect size for their age)

on the bench: Katie, Ray, Ashley (my niece) and Vaughn (my nephew)
I loved how my nephew would point when I'd take his picture! He is such a cutie!

Heather and all the kids "at school"

Wishing Pond

Aunt Heather gave them pennies to make wishes with!

Tricky Dress

Visit to the ER

Long story short....Katie can open child proof medicine bottles and blood tests are wonderful but absolutely NO FUN:(

Rolling a Dice

Ever since she Potty Trained she had just wanted to do EVERYTHING for herself, even take her own turns at playing a board game!



Not only is my baby dressing herself, she is READING!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our Sunflowers are HUGE!

Some of surprises in our yard:


And not so Good

These are Bag Worms (little caterpillar like things that live in what I thought were pine cones). I pulled/cut every single bag off, but I don't know if the tree is going to make it:(

Ray built this beanbag game on his own! 

We have found some activities Rose can do in the living room so we can hang out together, calmly:D

All that Work and Play means EXCELLENT NAPS!!!