Happy Halloween!

I am 20 weeks! Ray is a Fire Fighter:)

Omaha Trip

Josh, Boppy and Frank, Gamma and Sam, Jack, and Ray.
Too much fun!

At the museum with Jackson.
Ray actually looks cold sitting next to that fire!

Awesome group picture!

Boppy, Gamma and Jackson! Love this one!

Omaha Trip

This one of Ray and Sam melts my heart! Especially since Ray bit Sam during this visit!

Josh looking very handsome!

What could be more fun than a tram full of boys?

A Tram full of cousins, of course!

Omaha Trip

Frank is getting so big! That is the back of Rob's head that you can see in the background.

Sam, Frank and Ray looking interested by something:)

Sam, Josh, and Frank all ready for Church. Gamma and Boppy took Ray along so that he could see his cousins do their Primary Presentation. Looking good boys!

Carving Pumpkins

This is as far as Ray would put his hand. He really didn't like the pumpkin guts!

Replacing a Pulley in the Jeep

Working on the Jeep

Yes, Ray is sitting in the Jeep! He thought it was the coolest thing to get to see everything Daddy was doing:)
Of course you got to follow up hard work with a nice long soak in the tub! I thought it was adorable how he decided to lay down.

Looks Like a Girl!

Today was my ultrasound:) I am at 19 weeks and 1 day along and it looks like it is going to be a little girl! We like the name Katelyn Elizabeth Myler and which BJ has shortened to Katie Beth. He disappointed that he won't get to call the baby Bobbie Chuck (short for Robert Charles). The way I see it, saving a name is a great excuse to do all this again:) Check out some of the adorable pictures we got of Ray's new baby sister.

Here she is sucking her thumb!

She is already taking after Ray! She finally turned enough for us to see some of her face when she stretched out with hands behind her head.

Pumpkin Farm

Today Ray and I went with our LINK group to Thies Farm and it was so much fun we had to stay late and do the Hay Ride and Corn Maze twice!

Ray was super brave and climbed the Hay Pyramid and even did all of the Tunnels! He did get a little scared at the top Tower of Terror (doesn't everyone?) and needed help to get down...but he tried it and I am super proud. He would have stayed much longer if I had thought ahead enough to bring lunch:) After we left, he expressed his disappointment that there were no horses. He says his favorite part was the Pirate Ship and meeting Cooper. They climbed down below decks with their flashlights looking for Pirates:)

More Fun

Tractor Ride by Daddy

Best Part:)

Feeding a Goat

Pumpkin Weekend