Big Helpers

Daddy Makes Everything Better!

We love having Daddy home and when he is around things are simply better. 
For example:

The kids first time at a Hibachi Grill!

Ray had Cub Scout Camp and BJ went with him for the first day. 

BJ poured water on Ray to keep him cool:

Time at Mark Twain:

While relaxing at home:

We are big Bob Ross fans and this was our first attempt at painting, BJ's is above and mine is that mountains below...we have a new hobby!

Katie excelling at her hobby of watching shows on the iPad:

Posting these pictures and videos from the last few weeks has made me realize how valuable our time together has become. It is hard sending him to Atlanta some weeks but I am grateful for the freedom and adventure his new position has already brought us. Above all I pray for his continued safety and success. 

Memorial Weekend

There is something magical when I start packing things for a weekend...Rose and the kids don't leave my side and they get really giddy. BJ had some time off so we asked Ray and Katie if they would rather go to the Farm or the Camper (disclosing their were storms in the forecast and it might be rainy) they voted Farm so that is where we went!

Ray helped power wash: 



Memorial Day Ceremony at the Salem Cemetery:

I loved that BJ made an effort to spend time with each of our babies to explain things. It is wonderful to have him as the father of our children. They miss him while he is gone, but the separation has made moments like this all the sweeter!

That's Gamma on the left taking pictures too!

Surprise at Scouts!

For his final Pack Meeting before the summer, Ray got three belt loops! 

Officer Fisher and K9 Phoenix made a visit!