Our Trip to Utah

We loved seeing the mountains again and eating at our favorite restaurants.

We missed family in Missouri,
but most of all we where happy to get to see Grandma!

Sunday Lunch

During the trip Ray feel in love with my Dad's train
he has set up to go around their Living Room.
There is even a car the has a man in it!
Hazly is a wonderful aunt, Ray went right to her and even gave her kisses!
She was helping him fill the cars with flowers
After Lunch, they opened some presents. We are so happy we got to spend time with them before we had to leave on Tuesday.

Luncheon and Reception

Ray with his sweet Great Grandma Goff:

Groomsmen Resting:
Dancing and Playing...not to mention yummy yummy food (didn't get pictures of that)

The Happy Couple!

Matt's Wedding

So this past week we where in Utah for Matt's wedding. I was a lot of fun...and it was a blast to get all dressed up and be at the temple.

This was Ray after family pictures,
we took him to get some food but he wanted to sleep instead.

Video of Ray and Jackson

Jackson and Ray

On, Saturday, August 8th just Jackson had stayed overnight, so Ray had some one-on-one sprinkler time with his older cousin:)

At Play

I got the camera out when Ray was climbing in and out of the oven on the kitchen set in the background. Unfortunately, as soon as he saw me watching him he thought I wanted him to make me some food so he put the sandwich together and stood there looking at it like, "Well Mom, I think it is the best sandwich I have made so far...what do you think?"

Next is a fun video from last night, Boppy is playing the horse
and Ray (and the rest of us) are totally loving it:)

Weekend with Josh

Ray's first washable marker experience