Happy Birthday BJ!


New Tricks

We fostered a sweet lab for a while.






Gamma and Boppy's Visit

We had a wonderful visit from Gamma and Boppy! We loved showing them around our new home, Stone Mountain, Amicalola Falls and World of Coke: 











Gamma and Boppy's Visit

Last but not least, we took them to the Aquarium! 




Seahorse (above) and octopus (below)







Main Event






More Dancing

Katie is really starting to warm up to her Ballet teacher and the girls that help her during class. 



Ray hung out with me in the lobby because Daddy was  busy:  


He brought a hard hat home: 


This weekend was a milestone for our Katie. 
Despite my desires to keep her a baby, Christmas reminded us she is growing up: 

But now, she looks years older in her ballet clothes and dancing in her ballet class! 

I love how much of a Daddy's girl she is and how she wants to tell him about everything!


Her teacher is Miss McKenzie and her friend (just a few days older than her) is Maggie!