That is MY SON RAY! Sewing! He helped me make a pair of pants, pillow, and bean bags so far!


A lot of fun happens at the kitchen table: 

Katie is waving to Daddy when we was leaving for work...he has his brother:)

Then she remembers how much fun Daddy is!

Walking Week

That is right! KATIE IS WALKING NOW!!! 

We spent a morning getting Ray's room into shape. He wanted to give everyone a tour.

Then celebrate a job well done with a song:) He was pulling out toys and playing the moment we were done cleaning. Although, I do have to say, he does a good job at putting things away.

I love how they have the same face....truly twins, just four years apart:)

Katie relaxing on the couch with a little fan, you can see her hair blowing in the wind.

She loves shoes! I just had to laugh when she tried to use Daddy's sandals.

I got my hair done for our 7 year Wedding Anniversary dinner date at Tucanos

Katie "cleaning up" lunch!

Ray is an expert at Wii Bowling. He bowled the 180 and Boppy was Spoungbob. 

Aunt Grace Bubble Bath Hair-do:

Snuggling watching TV:)

Hot n' Cold

Just some highlights from our week: Katie grew and Ray earned a cool Wreck-it-Ralph toy!

The week started out beautiful, warm and sunny, you can see the door open here...and a meeting of men and guns. Probably why the neighbors are afraid of us:)

We even got a picnic in at the park!

Apparently the nap wasn't long enough because when I tried to rest on the couch I got this...

Then allergies hit...

Katie was mostly unaffected, but Ray on the other hand...

Whenever Katie hears music of any kind, she dances (and sometimes sings). 

After I checked Ray's temperature Katie wanted to use the thermometer as a phone. In the first video she makes her "ringing" sound and the second you can see her really get into "talking" on the phone. 

Helping Ray with his Pledge:

I saved the best for last, Ray getting Katie to laugh, like no one else can:)

By the end of the week it was rainy and cold, so we got some relief from allergies but had to pull out some of the winter jackets:(

Ray took this one!