True Manufacturing

This week was BJ's first at his new job!

So Happy Together

Zoo and Firehouse

We rested up for two Field Trips with families in our neighborhood that home school too: 

First it was the Zoo: 

Hannah and Aunt Grace came too:)

Then the Firehouse today:

Feeling like Fall

Kate teasing Rose (our chocolate lab) and singing "Swinging Tire"

Our Butternut Squash harvest in just one day:

School Fun:

New piano and lessons for Ray and I: 

Lots of cuddles and naps:

Some redecorating: 

We even managed to get the boat into the Garage: 

Ray and Kate look so grown up in their new outfits: 

Sharing a Day on the Lake

BJ took his nephews and Dad out on the boat while I chilled with Gamma and the little ones on the beach! It was a wonderful Saturday:)

Sammy excelled at making sand castles and soon there were little towns and cities. 

Katie joined in the fun: 

Jackson helping Kate fill her bucket: 

Sammy made a river and over time built walls to direct it down to a little boat: 

Kate, Frank and Sam filling the basement with Lego creations: 

Labor Day Weekend

Our boat didn't stay in the driveway for long, because BJ planed a holiday weekend we will never forget: 

We went camping at Mark Twain National Park and boated everyday on Mark Twain Lake!

While I worked on packing the tent, boat, and Jeep Kate was resting up...under her bed!

Ray didn't crash until after some time on the boat: 

Here we are at the Dam: 

Over look at the Visitor's Center: 

This was in the museum that was built around Mark Twain's childhood home: 

Grandma Copus, this one is for you! There was everything they used to make cloth:

Night Shirts! Because that is just about all the clean laundry we had when we got home:)

In all, we had a fantastic time together!