It's Official...we are Expecting!

That's right! Ray gets a new baby sister/brother for his birthday! New baby is due March 15th, the day before Ray's 4th Birthday:) With how I've been feeling 10 weeks hasn't come soon enough. We are simply overjoyed after such a great Doctor's visit and just had to post for all to see!!!

Spider men!

Omaha Temple

Omaha Temple Visitor's Center

Planes and Cake:)

Fun in Ohama

This was the coolest play ground I've ever seen. One part (above) was swings and a pirate ship and backhoes in sand. While the other was water (below)! It was so much fun I even ran with Ray through this rainbow a few times:)

These are from the Air and space Museum...we spend most of Saturday exploring and playing there.

Sunday Clothes