A Bunch of Turkeys

Thanksgiving Week

Spit Bubbles

So Adorable!

Little Habits

So, Katelyn has been doing two new things everyday this week. 

1. Taking a nap, mid - crawling practice on the new comfy rug.  

2. Making bath time exciting by adding something a big brother thinks is pretty cool to the bath water. Mommy on the other hand, cleans up as best she can and reflects on how wonderful this is:  

Movie Making

Today before leaving for church I had to get Katelyn's reaction to her dress.

I stepped away and Ray stepped in, singing and visiting with Katelyn. I was trying to be sneaky, but Katelyn saw me. Ray first asks her why she doesn't like his song and then decides he's had enough. I LOVE his reaction, just see what he does! As grown up as he can be helping with his sister, times like these remind me that he is still just a silly kid!

Fun in the sun and leaves!

Katelyn wrestling! 

Fall Fun

Ray helped me rake the leaves. For some reason, Katelyn ended up in the middle!

She seemed to have mixed feelings: 

Today she dressed up for church in a fun pink dress

She was totally having fun:)

Ray joined in too. 

Play Time!

Katelyn already has her brother doing stuff for her. He lays down so that she can "get" him! Ray really likes that his sister is starting to play with him:)

Happy Halloween

Just before leaving to go Trick-or-Treating at Aunt Graces: Katie, Ray, and Hannah.

Getting Katelyn ready, so fun!


She loved the dress almost as much as Mommy:)

SUPERMAN!!! He looks so grown up. It might be because it was the first time he wasn't a Firefighter:) He made sure that I took all the necessary pictures and even did a flying pose:)