A Shower and Baptism

Adventures of Ray

Play and Work

Today is the first day in over a week that I have felt that I can relax. With Katelyn coming in just 21 days I have had nesting issues and have been ALL OVER doing ALL that I can to get EVERYTHING ready. The greatest reward for all this hard work today was watching BJ sharing his childhood Legos with Ray and knowing that they can do now as often as they like:)

Last Friday night BJ helped me paint! We began with the ceilings and by Saturday night we not only had the walls and trim done in the Living Room, but the kitchen and bathroom walls too!  I couldn't believe it! Special thanks goes out to my wonderfully tall husband and his strong arms, Grace and David,  and Gamma and Boppy for ALL their help! 

This is the growth chart for BJ and his sisters that was on the wall. Just an awesome peace of history. Both sides of the doorway was marked. 

During the week I worked at taping and painting all the remaining trim. I LOVE how it turned out and it made me more motivated to clean up the other rooms. 

Tuesday was BJ's birthday and Valentine's Day. We were happy to have Daddy home a little early and had a fancy shirt and cards waiting. Later, BJ and I went to Bacana Brazil. 

Where BJ had these AMAZING flowers waiting for me! It melted my heart and so I took BJ to Cabelas to get him something he has been wanting for his birthday:)

Magic House

I forgot my camera at home when we went to the Magic House with our LINK group. I was so nice going with a "Field Trip" group that we spent most of the day there!

Motorcycles and Monster Truck!

Sorry They're Sideways

More Pictures of Monster Truck....
way too cute not to post even though they won't stay turned correct:(

Monster Trucks!

Ray's cool Uncle David and Aunt Grace took him to see the Monster Trucks. 
The ear muffs are for the noise,  but Ray didn't mind...he could to see 

Magic House

I forgot my camera at home when we went to the Magic House on Thursday so unfortunately the pictures are trapped on my phone! As soon as I get a chance to get a new card reader, they will be up!