Fabulous February

The month isn't officially over, but the photos and videos where overflowing on my phone. February around here is all about the Dad, bout the Dad, no kidding (read with the tune of "All about the base" my niece Lindsay loves to sing). BJ's birthday is on Valentine's Day and this year he turned THIRTY! His drivers license expired and he thought it was funny that he looked drunk, I prefer the one of him with George, our eight year old gecko lizard, because he was helping me switch out nasty sand to cool new ground walnut shells.


 I'd like to think BJ's birthday month has turned out to be epic, he wanted to be somewhere special for his birthday and honestly Mark Twain Lake would have been awesome if he hadn't been born in the winter month of Missouri and cursed with the most unpredictable weather in history.  Our weekends ranged from the St. Louis RV Show and Crown Candy historical restaurant to 

the gorgeous mini lake view from the campsite we're setting up our camper and boat in Mark Twain National Park. Some weekends required coats, others not even a sweater. The temperatures went from high 60's to the teens this week with SNOW. 


I am not joking, here are the photos to prove it. I think that Rose's mind was blown to wake up to this. She had the hardest time going outside, but after Daddy let her help shovel the driveway, she learned that it was something fun to run and play in. 

Ray helped with shoveling and was a huge help to his Daddy. He helped without being asked and after he had already been outside and was cold. He made sure BJ wasn't
' stuck doing it alone.


Katie and her friend Quinn, her dad Ted in in the background shoveling too:)

BJ's Birthday celebration began when he came home to a huge bear balloon the kids surprised him with. The fact is, I was surprised by this bear more then once, as it was about the size of Katie and resembled a small child out of the corner of my eye:  

No one knows what BJ likes more than BJ himself so he set up a trade to get this awesome home defense shotgun which he proudly posed with on the day of his birthday with a fabulous cake Ray decorated under the direction of a very opinionated little sister! 

The truth is, I can't say enough about my wonderful hubby and all that he does for our family. Because of his daily sacrifices I have the immense privilege to stay home and literally watch our children grow! 


They take after BJ with their silly games and quick minds. For example, they agree to help me fold laundry because they know I will let them play on the bed after it is all put away. 

It is bittersweet seeing Katie follow in BJ's footsteps and wanting to go to join him in the big class at Church. She has her Daddy's curiosity, courage, and confidence, a mix that makes her an expert at getting into things. 

She DOES need her Daddy!

Most of the time Katie is a Mama's girl, but not when she falls down on a Monday morning after a fun weekend with Daddy. 

Bella Mayra Copus

On Wednesday, February 11th at 4:01, my brother's second girl, and my sixth niece was born! She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and was 18.5 inches long. She has gorgeous black hair and doing well! 


Unfortunately she is in Utah and I won't get to meet her till June but I am so happy for my brother Matt, his wife Hazly, and their daughter Ashly. 

Number five nice was Sierra Belle Collins 
She is my Sister Heather's third kiddo and she is all the way in Hawaii now:( 

BJ's younger sister Grace is in St. Louis with my Hannah and Caleb: 

Next closest are BJ's older sister Emily's bunch:

four boys and Lindsay: 

Balls in her Footie Jamies

How does she come up with this stuff?!?!

Ray took this one, love how is voice goes super high talking to Katie: 

Little Show

My neighbor broke her foot and so her three girls spent the day at our house.  Everyone spent the entire day doing anything they could dream of. Katie played the piano while the oldest danced ballet. 

Superbowl Fun