Gamma and Boppy 2

Gamma and Boppy Video 1

The weekend


On Tuesday Ray was on the bed when I was on the floor picking up some trash. When I got up, he went it became our new game. I hide at the foot of the bed and he laughs like this when I show myself and say "Boo!"

Last week to now

Last Thursday at dinner Ray was eating with us, then we went to Springville

We are super happy now that Gammy and Boppy (BJ's Parents) are here to visit till Tuesday

Just playing

I explain in the video, just random play time.


I finally got it! A video of Ray's cute Laugh!

Boucy seat fun

Ray was just being too cute and I had to take a video of him. He is kinda shy at first but then he starts his talking and playing up again.

The weekend

We spent the night at my parents on Friday, it was fun.
Just take a look: My mom was measuring Ray for his blessing outfit and he got attached to the measuring tape
This is my super awesome brother Matt and my sister Camille
About a half an hour later, Ray was still chilling with his new toy

So...we ended up taking the measuring tape home with us.

What's up

Raymond LOVES paper. He tries to eat it. This pink thing was an advertisement I got in the mail for baby food, it was heavier paper so I thought it might be a new and exciting toy for Ray when he wasn't quiet during dinner. You can see that it didn't hold up very long.

Yesterday there was a double rainbow and here are some of the pictures BJ and I took:
This is a March outfit that I found as I was switching out clothes for Ray, he is growing so fast. He is tall enough for outfits size 6-9 months already
When Ray is sitting he wants to be standing and he will arch his back, straighten his whole body, and shoot forward. So when I left him in his bouncy seat without being strapped in (just to run in the bathroom to get something) he ends up on the floor!