Our Week:

What we did together: 

Ray has been busy:

Kate has been busy:


My newest nephew! Grace's second baby...and just about the most perfect baby ever born!

Sister Power!


The youngest member of our family....a puppy even though she no longer appears to be. Her training has come a long way, however, she still loves to tear things apart!
Monday weather was so warm (70s) that kids and I were outside all day, I pulled the pool down but had to wait a few, very cold days for it to dry out. BJ had tests and so I did this all on my own the best I could....it took three days to get it from this:

To this very heavy folded up pool I needed BJ to lift up the stairs for me:

Rose was outside with my back turned for a few minutes and she not only was able to drag it away from the stairs but shred it into bits!

It was no wonder that when at 11 am the next morning and Kate realized it was too late to make it to the bathroom for the 1st time that day, she seemed to say, "I promise I didn't do it! Please don't be mad at me!"

Kit Kat:

The sweetest little girl you'll ever met. She is growing up so quickly and has a great personality. She loves everything girly. She decides when it is time to do her hair, nails or take a bath. She can be loud when she wants to and her vocabulary is blossoming into that of a small adult. She loves her Daddy more than ever. She sings at the top of her lungs when she thinks no one is watching and her favorite things to say are "I do it" and "why?"

Ray J:

Our nickname for the best little man there is! He is so thoughtful, helpful, and kind. His example keeps me sane, and is the reason why Katie is already doing so well in absolutely everything. 

Last week it was his Aunt Emily's birthday and Kate was up early with me. She decided to do what she thought her brother would do when it is someone's Birthday...sing! 

He made sure to get his song to his aunt too:

Ray earned his map this week for good grades! Katie followed his example and did the same...Rose even caught on to what Ray was doing and joined in for the picture!

I can't say enough about the help Ray is all day! These are pictures he took of their rooms after he cleaned his own room and THEN helped Katie finish her's! 

Awesome Shelves

We have a great neighbor that is a brilliant builder! He made some shelves and we liked them so much we had him build two sets at our house! It feels great to get things organized and up off the floor. 

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

School is full swing and even Katie is joining in. Here Katie is posing just like Ray to show off her first prize for an getting an A on her weekly Report Card!

 My little Indian:

I am also working on perfecting my bread recipe: 

Halloween Weekend

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

The dressing up continued through the weekend at the farm: 

I love to see Katie's personally shining through! I took the last picture while she was watching the Little Mermaid scene when King Triton is destroying her cove of treasures.