Bike just like Boppy

Because the Stingray line was longer

Labor Day at the Zoo

This was breakfast and Gamma's, Ray saw me taking the picture and started to move things so that he could get up. He wanted to be like the big boys so he used his stool to make a tray for himself, only babies like Frank have to use Highchairs:)

Just Playing

Everyday is adventure with Ray and I love all the things we come up with to do. Even relaxing at home is a fun time.

Ending August

My youngest nephew, Frank, had is first Birthday on Saturday, Emily made this amazing train cake, isn't it so cool!
We spent the weekend at the farm and even went on a float trip, so much fun!
Here is Ray, Sam and Frank in the tub after a long day of play. I think Ray had a total of 3 ticks over the whole trip, so I am a pro at finding them:) Taking them off is another story.
Oh, by-the-way I am back in school. I go to St. Louis Community College or Flo-Valley, just about a mile from where we live. I go to school on Monday and Wednesdays 2:00pm-3:15pm for a History Class and am also taking Intro to Early Care and Education online. After this I will need just 2 classes to get my Bachelors:) Finally, I can see the end!
Unfortunately, school is during Ray's nap time, so we are still working out a better sleep schedule, so that things like this don't happen too often:
Oh, Ray went to his Reptile show at the Library. He was so brave and even touched a Crocadile!