Helping Daddy Get Ready

Our Week

We surprised Daddy with a water balloon battle to cool him off after a long hot day at work:) 

Katie's nails after her and I had a girls night!

After a trip to the library and park with friends. 

She got a shot (without crying) and a blood draw (no fun...did cry for that) all in the same Dr. Visit. 

The trampoline hopped the fence and ended up in the street. BJ tied it to the Jeep while we waited for the wind to calm down. I am pretty sure we have really scared our new neighbors!

Father's Day Weekend

Weekends are perfect for sleeping in...and no one does it better than Kate:)

Saturday we went fishing! The kids did a great job and stayed out for two and a half hours. They were still pleasant when we left around lunch was just getting a bit too crowded. 

Ray is his Tball shirt!

One of the best Father's Day weekends ever!

BJ made doughnuts that looked and tasted AMAZING!!!

Fun with Ninja Masks:)

Ben's Birthday!

New Headphones

In honor of the upcoming Father's Day I permitted BJ (it is Boppy in the video) to order something he has wanted for a while (surround sound for a fraction of the price). Unfortunately, what I imaged as something to help include Ray and block children from cursing, has become very loud...and annoying when I actually want to talk to them. 


If you know Ray you know just how ticklish he is. Kate, not so much...but at least she humors me and this week, she's let me "get her."

Happy Birthday Jared!

Katie and I had a pretty good time too.

An outfit put together by Kate: (the belt doubles and a head band!)

Bittersweet because I realized how much she has grown! She no longer fits in a chair sideways...

Same chair same 2012

Rose is growing up too, she is doing so well with all her training that this weekend she is allowed back into the living room:) 

Her being silly this morning! She already has a sense of humor like her Daddy...too fun.

First Tooth!

He already has another one lose and is happy to report he got a whole dollar from the Tooth Fairy!

Happy Summer!

She didn't really want to pose, but it has been fun doing our hair up for the warm summer days.

We had two boys over for a couple of nights and it was fun to see everyone playing nicely!

Our strawberry patch is full swing and we end up with a yummy bowl of fresh strawberries everyday. Kate was not pleased that I made her take a picture before handing her the bowl!

We spend a lot more time outside now (sorry, hands are full in the pool and riding bikes so no pictures yet) and afternoon naps are a must!