We Love Daddy

Daddy spoils the kids even when he is not here!


He is so wonderful I almost have fun cleaning up after him;)

He played "Do As I'm Doing" or the Spinning Song more than a dozen times for Katie:

He let her help too:

Ray takes after his building and math skills.

Even Katie takes tips from him on how to stand up her dolls (which freaked me out) and use her bin as a pretend swimming pool!

Happy New Year!

We've had a lot of flooding and unfortunately that meant that Gamma and Boppy couldn't come and hang out with us on New Years Eve, but we still ended up with an awesome spread:

By the end of the night, I was the only one to awake at midnight!

With the kiddos off from school we found some time to watch our neighbor Nora:

And I filled our freezer with some yummy meals!

Week of Christmas

The highlight of Christmas for Katie was when we got home and she could finally see her Barbie House:

We had to change things around in her room to get it to fit: 

It was a good thing Santa found us at the Farm. This is how everything looked Christmas morning:

Everyone helped to make a runway for Santa:

Looking down the driveway from the porch:

At the end looking up. If you look closely you can see Gamma and Boppy waving!

Everyone was excited for Santa to come:

BJ had the entire week off so we got to spend some time enjoying Gamma and Boppy:

And play outside in the warm weather. Ray had fun setting all kinds of things for me to shot with my new slow motion camera:

Katie sleeping in:

My first selfie with my new iPhone 6s!