I sit at my computer wondering where the spring has gone. It is April, but I woke up to frost on the ground! I am not sure what to expect next. We had extensive storm and hail damage on the 9th, when our neighbor's trampoline and swing set blew into our yard and the back fence blow out. 

Our neighbors more then made up for the trouble with an awesome birthday party complete with a visit from a Fire Truck: 

For the majority we have had beautiful days and weekends to be at the camper:

Ray with all his free stuff at the Mark Twain Visitor's Center: 

Looking at Mark Twain Lake, I love how Katie just climbed up to get a better view!

Katie Fishing: 

Ray started baseball!

Katie is as silly as ever!

We even finished some work in our yard. We put in new mulch. The pictures start from the left of the house if you were standing in the driveway. We've extended the beds to the corners to add in more flowers and make it easier for BJ to mow. It turned out so beautiful! BJ, Ray, and Katie all helped! 

We didn't set up the pool, but are using the spot for some garden space for corn and all kinds of melons: 

We had over 50 strawberries pop up in the bed we planted last year. BJ had a great idea to use the old mulch from the front to keep the weeds down....I love it! It was a lot of work but I can't wait to have strawberries to eat! Off to the left you can see the poles we put up for peas, and the start of the long row of beans and tomatoes too. 


This video is bittersweet because now that Kate has been talking more some of her adorable words are disappearing. She used to say, "Mak-a-me Happy!" and by the time I got my camera ready it had changed to an energetic, proper making me happy:

Talk Show Host

I love how she clears her throat and has to adjust everything: 

Messing with the mic...but "it ok, I fix it" 

Holy Macamole!

Reading Scriptures

Katie Singing and Playing the Piano

Happy Easter!

Not even two minutes into the drive home did Ray, Katie, and Rose fall fast asleep!  They where busy since Gamma and Boppy met us at our camp on Friday for lunch till we made them leave late Sunday afternoon. We all had a blast setting up camp and really enjoyed camping in our new camper for the first time! 



A lot of the fun was in the preparation: 

Katie and her new fishing pole

Ray signed the boat!

When we had to wait for hours for the Jeep, they were smiling at the end: 

Daddy's Basketball 

With the boat out of the garage we had room to organize!

Ray lost a tooth and got a short hair cut at home. 

I took only two and a half hours to prepare over 20 meals and took some pictures of my set up so you can see a bit of the excitement. I mostly love that the chopping (thanks to my food processor) and preparation is done and all my perishable ingredients (things that would spoil in a few weeks) are safely frozen and ready to go! 

This Easter was one I'll never forget!