Gearing up for Halloween

Pumpkin Patch



I have redoubled my efforts to train Rose and let her spend more time doing things with us. The weather was so beautiful this week we find out Rose has an awesome talent:

Memory Lane

This week I finally got a cheese bread (pao de queijo) recipe close to the kind BJ and I had in Brazil!!!!

Ray and I at Grant's Farm four years ago!

Katelyn 2 years ago...makes her seem so grown up now!

Saturday night we did her hair and nails!

By Sunday night all the be the volume was gone of the curls: 

Some of Kate's favorite ways to sleep: 

Growing Too Fast!

I can't believe how old they look!

Kate gave me a scare and took a tumble down the stairs. She caught herself half way down and when I asked her where it hurt she pointed to her left leg and said, "this leg broken!" You can imagine my concern because five years ago: 

Ray had just gotten a cast. I was relived when just minutes later she was buttering up her own pancake and kissing the legs of her babies:)

A year ago, we moved into our home: 


Now they are so tall Daddy had to sit on the floor to do the picture!

With all the rain, our Sump Pump burnt itself out so we went into town to get a new was a lot of fun:) 


Kate's Hugs

My Kit Kat has been a Mama's girl for the last couple of months and Daddy's doesn't always get willing hugs and kisses. However, when he turned a simple hug into a game, it was too sweet! 

Daddy's "I am done!"

Come On Guys!

Conference Weekend

We all gathered to the Farm for some fun (Hannah, Ray and Kate)

Rose was exceptional this trip, she was sweet and followed us on the truck:

I was in heaven holding my Katie and my niece Hannah as much as I could:

The weekend also marked a year we have been at our home! Can you believe it?!?!?

Hope everyone is getting excited for Halloween, because now Katie is a little skeleton:

Epic Swing

Learning How to Push

What We've Been Up To

This week I tried out the Timehop Application on my phone and it popped  this gem: 

Two Years Ago: 



Ray is having trouble figuring out what he would like to be for Halloween...then he found his old Firefighter custom it fits except for the sleeves!

Speaking of sleeves, one morning Kate couldn't get hers to work properly: 

Another harvest of vegetables:

A sign of fall weather and a growth spurt: 

She is such a big helper, even though her paints where on backwards and kinda falling down:)