Pike County Fair

Yesterday Katie and I went through her dolls and animals and did a little cleaning.

She decided that it would be OK to make a new home for this many and was actually excited to give them away. (The Minnie is for her Gamma) I was so proud of her quick, confident decisions. 

It was a good thing because the first thing Ray did at the fair that night was to win her a new pink elephant! Ray also got 2 balls and a blue car, while Katie made out with a sword and ball. 

She held a real bunny 

Rode a Pony

Daddy loved the truck pull and Ray rode the Round Up Ride (where you stand in a circle facing each other, spinning faster and faster until the whole wheel tips up on its side high up in the air) with Daddy, and then with me when he was too short for the Ring of Fire....imagine the craziness.  

Six Flags

My fabulous Sister-in-Law, Grace, took all these pictures the two I happened to take didn't turn out. I mean seriously! Look at these smiles! My Mother-in Law we call Gamma and my nephew Caleb: 

My niece Hannah, Ray and Katie waiting in the heat to go on rides:

Train time

Girly plane:

We did our best to stay cool in the record making heat: 

In all it was a great time! The kids all had fun and Ray even took me on the Ninja roller coaster! This crazy ride had 4 upside down loops and all kinds of scream inducing stunts! I will never forget the look on Ray's face as we got on and off! So much joy and excitement about one ride! He can't wait till he is tall enough to ride the Batman and Mr Freeze. 

Week Days

The majority of the pictures I post are about what we do on the weekends together so I thought I would share what a summer week day looks like: 

We send Daddy off to work

We love going to the library every week, and they had some pretty fun things for story times this summer. They also had free movies in Troy, and some really fun parks to visit:)


Then we wind down with Netflix and a nap:

Katie is an adorable sleeper, Facebook popped this up from 3 years ago: 

Daddy even helps out with Dinner: 

As The Summer Ends

With all the rain and then extreme heat and late scheduling, baseball ended with some pretty awesome pictures staged by BJ at home:

He looks so grown up! Then, I turn around and he is fooling around with his sister and being a kid enjoying life just like he should be:

July is almost over and I never really felt like summer began with all the rain and craziness we had....

Crazy Katie

Rose, the kids, and I found this quiet park and trail at Cuvier River State Park. I was pushing Katie on the swing when I snapped the picture and it looks like a very large Katie is going backwards down the slide:) Ray was getting ready to go down a slide too.

We went on a .9 mile loop and by the end Katie was very tired. I loved how much comfort she took from her brother and even requested to hold his hand though parts of the hike. Here you can see Rose in surprisingly deep water alongside the trail. She loved spending time exploring with us. 

"Roll Over Rosie!" Katie tried her hardest, but even with a demonstration and several minutes of encouragement, Rose didn't catch on:

I was reminded by Facebook about one of the first times (two years ago) I did Katie's hair. 
It was a dream come true! 

Well, when Katie watched a video of how to do a sock bun with me she said, " I want my hair like that right now!" I was overjoyed, it turned out pretty cute for my first time. 

When she saw the white flower I put in she wanted it changed to the pink sprinkle one: 

Umm so this is what happened when she tried to do mine:

She does have a helpful and extremely advanced way of folding my kitchen towels through: 

I Turned 33!

Yep...it was my Birthday! Sure I am older, but I had a super fun time enjoying everything that is wonderful in my life!

My Stargazer Lilies bloomed as if on cue:

I also got to spend over night at the farm with my nephew Caleb: 

and niece Hannah (on the right swing in pink):

Boppy even helped make a cake for me:

Unfortunately BJ had to stay at home to work that day but when I got back, my new Fitbit was waiting for me:

The next day we went to the camper:

Took a walk around the Lake,

Water park, and Dam: 

To be Continued...