Trouble with a Capital T

Sunday evening Ray bumped his head (it popped out into a nasty bump) and Katelyn fell off the couch. Minor injuries on a normal day, but just before a vacation...

Ray's head was better the next morning, but Katelyn still wouldn't put any weight on her right arm. We hoped she had just bumped/twisted her arm reaching for the toy she went after...

So after getting a hold of her doctor (who was on Spring Break with her family) and with the morning gone, we decided to go to the Emergency Room in St. Charles to speed things along so we could still leave that night. We arrived there (after an insane amount of traffic) at 2pm in the afternoon. 

She got an X-ray,

Splinted, and was transferred to Cardinal Glennon (the only place they do casts for kids her age). 


Well past dinner time, she finally got a cast (looking back, even through it felt like forever it was just over 24 hours from when she fell). 

That didn't mean that we could leave...because Katelyn MUST OUT-DO her brother in everything, The fact that she had a buckle fracture, was only 12 months old, and lives in St. Louis, MO they had a social worker interview us and took over 15 additional x-rays of Katelyn. We didn't leave until AFTER 9PM, so we picked up Ray and left for Florida ASAP!!!!


Ray got a new hat and some spending money: 


BJ made this cool shelf for the Jeep so we would have enough room to pack everything (A great idea for keeping sand out of the car).

We had an early meeting at church 

Then left after sacrament because this much snow had fallen! It made us all the more excited to leave the cold behind and hit the beaches late the next day!

BJ went to pick up Ray from Grace's, Emily's family was snowed in and they couldn't leave until Monday morning.

The spring dress just didn't seem appropriate:(

Egg Hunts and Family

Saturday was a big day with our Church Egg Hunt in the morning and a family Hunt around lunch:)

Katie loved the doughnuts, birthday gift from Aunt Em, and lots of M&Ms!

Katie kissing Lindsay!

Ray loved running around with his cousins and sleeping over at Aunt Graces!

I loved holding my niece Lindsay and watching Ray and Kate enjoying themselves:)

We did a Harlem Shake that BJ promises to edit and post later.

Getting Ready

To gear up for our Vacation to Florida we went to Kid's World Gymnastic for Thursday's LINK:

Ray took a bit to jump off into the pit of foam cubes but really pulled out the moves on the trampolines. 

Katie mostly watched but was REALLY thirsty after!

We did some cleaning, sleeping, and decorating to get things all done before leaving for a week:) 

Long and Wonderful Birthday Week

As Ray would say,"first of all.." HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!


A week ago BJ wasn't feeling well, so I took the kids to church on my own so that he could get some sleep. I got some really sweet pictures to send back home to him so he could see them when he woke up. I don't have any idea what we did before we had iPhones!

I think Katie missed her Daddy!

What can I say, she just LOVES her Daddy!

Katie wasn't sure what to think about getting Birthday cards in the mail...just that it was nice to have something new just for her that Ray wasn't trying to take away (because he had one of his own).

I caught it! Their crazy ways of getting off the would have though it was a sinking ship or something! Abandon Couch!!!

On Thursday Ray had a fun Bowling Birthday Bash with some of his friends. Unfortunately I was caught up in the magic of his first friend party to remember to get photos, but here he is with a Play-doh gravel maker, complete with a  Dump Truck named Chuck to fill up and dump. 

Katie's had a busy week too. We had dinner at Chili's next where they got pictures taken, and Katie dropped her crayon into my water! 

She is growing so fast we had to make sure the swimsuit would fit for our Spring Break...too cute!

The real birthday (Which they SHARE) started Saturday night when Katelyn got her first ride turned forward facing! She just watched everything with her mouth dropped open. 

Ray requested a birthday dinner at Tucanos because he loved it so much....and we more than happy to go along:) It was to first time for everyone else and they seemed to have a pretty good time.

Ray got sung to in Portuguese while he got to play a Tamerlane. 


BJ helped me make these Angry Bird cakes:)

Katie LOVED hers, but she wasn't sure about eating it with her hands. 

So just about everyone wanted to show her how: 

Finally, she got what she needed - that's right my 1 year old uses a FORK! 

Katie feeding her new baby doll!

Sorry about the background noise, but it is just so cute how she ALREADY knows how to feed a baby! 

I would not be surprised if she starts full blow walking before my next post!


Before Katie's first hair cut: 


Fishing at Daddy's work: 

Casting his Line:

They look so content:)

Katie giving High-Fives to everyone: 

Just a little how Ray can make her happy: