So It Starts....

Posing for pictures, now if only their professional birthday pictures will turn out this great:)

The joys of a Fish Tank, here is to hoping changing filters, 

interesting fish (there are ton of little neon tetras behind the castle),

and a new pleco (Ray named Sticky Fish you can see hanging from the filter) will keep it clean. 

Dress up and super hero play: 

Katie clapping:

But most of all, Katelyn is starting to tell us all off! She will make it very clear to us what she wants. When it comes to Ray it is hand signals and yelling, 

With Daddy it is making it clear that she is my favorite. BJ loves to tease her by getting between Katie and I and declaring, "MY Mommy!" Katie will do to just about anything to push past BJ to get to me. It makes me feel important, until I need some sleep or have homework that is due. Then she breaks all rules of how tired she should be (even if I keep her awake till bedtime) and crying at the top of her lungs until she is in our bed. So I am going to have to start some good sleep in her crib time. Wish me luck!;) 

Happy Birthday Daddy!

For the guy that has everything: a brand new gaming system straight from China. BJ waited for it to come in and had us open it the moment it came because he was at work.

Katie woke up happy for Daddy's Birthday,
 but then that all changed when she found out the cookies were for him. 

Finally...time to sing and blow out the candles.

Katelyn had a surprise of her own for Daddy! 
She can climb the stairs!

In all, a good Birthday spent with family:)

Now Appearing

Ray's latest experiment...MOLD!


My latest experiment with Katelyn's drawers....I LOVE IT!


Car Nap Hair!

Katie's dress up earrings:)


Her new Sunday Dress!

Fun day with Hannah:

Katie is beginning to use a fork and loves herself a Capri-Sun!


Her hair is getting soooo long!

She saw me making a list and decided she needed to make one of her own.


It has been a long, but good week....time for some sleep


So Happy Together

It is no wonder that Ray loves being around his little sister. 
We all know that Katie is smart:  

she is talented

and beautiful! 

When Ray is alone he usually ends up either cranky as an Angry Bird,

or unresponsive and sleeping. 

See for yourself...having Kate for a playmate makes everything great. 

At Joe's Crab Shack they got to sit across the table from one another. 


Look how grown up Katie is sitting in a buster seat and getting her own meal!

Ray loves showing off for Katie, this is his yeast experiment. It's alive!

He is always willing to help her. 

and hold her! Wednesday we went to the Science Center and he got to show Katie off to some of his friends. Kai is the Darth Vader. 

Kai's brother is Thor and he is just 2 weeks younger than Katie. 

Ray, Kai, and Jared (turned around) are a good team!

On the left is Annalise and Jared, what a great group!

We had a ton of fun!

When it comes right down to it, Ray loves showing Katelyn the joys of life: 
Rose petals at a Valentine's Day party.

Suckers from Sam's Club, while sharing a chart. 

And I absolutely LOVE watching him do it!