Back Home

It is good to be back home and enjoying some cooler weather this past week!

I turned 32 and had some great news: my platelets are still up and stable!

As Ray was leaving the table, Kate got like this and yelled, "Up! Down!" at her brother as if to say "anything you can do I can do better" She was so proud of herself. 

And she should be because she is OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED!!!

Ray is an EXPERT at Legos! I tried keeping up with him and he is just too awesome!

We also went to the Zoo with some good friends:

Katie saying "EW" at the frogs: 

Brushing goats:

Kate brought me over to this sweetheart and told me it was hers! "Mine" she tried to get it leave with her!

Ray was taller than me!

Kate climbed ALL the way up on her own!

Butterfly house was a blast my girl loves butterflies almost as much as I do! 

Chalking at Gamma's while Daddy and I helped with the yard:

Jumping Song

Punching Bag

What do you do on your day off?

In this one you can see her My Little Pony Panties (yes my baby is Potty Training!):

Congratulations Jared and Camille!!!

Just a quick shout out to my baby sister, Camille. She got married on July 3rd, Congratulations! 

Thanks for everyone that helped make her day special, especially Hazly Copus for the cake and pictures:) 

Love you Camille!!! So very happy for you!!!

Helping, Water, and Fishing

Katie pushing Hannah on the swing:

Katie painting her Aunt Grace's fingernails:

Trying the boats out on the pond:

Fishing at Indian Trails:

BJ took all the little kids out:

Josh Rowing!

Chilling in my pool: 

Elephant Rock

Sweetest thing ever:

That is Josh...way....out...there in the bright green shirt:

My Nephews

My Omaha Nephews paid us a summer visit! 

Playing Pokemon: 

Light bulb Experiment with Boppy:

Relaxing together while everyone wakes up:

Corn after Frank has tried to eat it missing almost all his front teeth:

Me, Grace and the younger ones at Six Flags: 

BFFs Katie and Hannah: 

My Dream Dog

Polite with kids and their flying things:

Playing soccer with Josh:

Resting while boys are having dinner:

She even came and did some swimming with them! I got to see the Rose I have been dreaming of!

My Little Girl

When her cousin Hannah was here, they had matching pajamas, and stayed up late watching the Lego Movie: 

After a day of  summer fun, the late night caught up with them. 

Another afternoon nap, this time she set it up herself after telling me "tired"

She is Potty Training!

Dancing with her Cousin!

My Little Man


Showing is cousin Hannah and his sister Kate what excited to go swimming means: 

Looking at Daddy through the Sun Roof in the Jeep!

Just before his last TBall game, ready for pictures: