Fun and Games

Dress up and messing around: 

What's Up?

My babies...are going up!
Katie climbs up into the chair with Ray and he lets her cuddle next to him.
(Katie has even been seen with her arm around Ray)

Ray found this awesome bug: 

Katie's first time with 3D glasses.
(She kept trying to take things out of the picture!)

Buttering her own toast!
(Yes, that is the butter knife through the toast:)

She needed a fork before digging into her first, all her own, Ice Cream Sandwich!

Happy Labor Day!

 We put up a Horse Tire Swing at the Farm...and it was pretty much ALL that they did. 

When it was too hot to be outside...they somehow convinced BJ to be the Horse:)

Anything You Can Do....

So the new game between my kids is..."well, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!"

Katie stuffing her month full of Goldfish: 

Ray trying to outdo just ended up being silly: 

It was wrestling time and Katie needed to wear styling eye protection!

I can only guess those wipes where needed to clean up a messy baby doll:)