Feeling Like Spring

It has been warmer weather (high 50s instead of freezing rain we had on Monday) so that means more time in the bath without a heater and shopping at Lowes to start or outside projects! 

From Daddy's Phone #3

From Daddy's Phone #2

From Daddy's Phone #1

Latest and Greatest

Shush-ka-ballon! Thanks Crazy Russian on YouTube!

Birthday Cookies for BJ!

Lots of sleep for a quickly growing Katie! She was "singing" in her sleep!


Always Drawing

What's Up?!?

Katie is doing her own outfits now! 

Ray likes to jam on the Wii

We celebrated Aunt Grace's Birthday: 

Scrambling eggs for breakfast! 

Quite possibly her most FAVORITE thing to do! 

Ray has been building and setting up chain reactions. 

I need glasses now....it is a good thing I look good in them:)