Tues, Feb 17th Sleepy

I let Ray finish up his lunch, then I noticed he was nodding off, I ran to get the camera and this is how I found the cutie! Either lunch (bread, chicken, and grapes) was super boring or he didn't sleep as well as I thought last night:)

Sat. Feb 14th BJ's Birthday!

Yes, BJ's birthday is on Valentine's Day...so is his Dad's. We decided to do a big meal for lunch to miss the crowds and went to Macaroni Grill. Its was super yummy! Around dinner time, Ray was the only one that was hungry, so he decided to try eating with a spoon to show off:)
Unwrapping gifts was just a fun preview to how his birthday will be next month 
(yes, NEXT MONTH, not even at the end, but on the 16th!)
Here is the love of my life with the cake. 
Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day BJ!
BJ was explaining to Ray how it will be for him...my Ray is getting so big:o Look at him standing! Sunday he stood on his very one for 10-13 seconds!

Saturday's Hockey Game

For the first time, Ray and I went to a real-live Hockey Game. The Blues won and we all had a blast. Oh, about half-way through the game they brought out this Blimp it came towards us a couple of times and Ray got a little worried but as long as it was a facing away from us he liked it a lot. Doesn't his hair look nice!

Sat. Feb 7th Ray's First Haircut

Last Saturday Ray got his very first haircut. 

Bed-head Saturday morning:
Back just before, I have his little "tail" in his baby book:)
He did a great job sitting still and I didn't cry like I thought I might. He really looks grown up with his neat hair. 

(Daddy was next, you can see him in the chair in the background)

Feb 6th Ray's Cute Noise

Ray has been making this noise for a while now but I just never was fast enough with the camera to get it. It started when I was trying to get him to stop crying one night in the car when I put my hand playfully over his month. He stopped as if to say, "Hey Mom, how did you do that?" Once he fingered out that he can do it himself (notice he uses the back side of his hand). It is a regular thing he does when he is tired:) He also blows kisses in the video....and tries to grab the camra of couse:)

Mon, Feb. 2nd FHE

BJ usually plays the Piano for Family Home Evening but this last Monday, Ray wanted to help. It was so cute because he would stop and want BJ to help him turn the pages to another Hymn and then he'd start up again. I can remember the first time he noticed BJ was playing and he just stared the whole time. It is so much more fun to see him want to try to do things himself now:)

Jan 30th, Ray Re-Discovers Swings

I am not sure it was the cool things to play with or that the swing was at the Farm, but Ray really loved to swing while we where there. 

Sat, Jan 25th Grace's Bday Party

BJ's Sister Grace turned 21, so her Husband David surprised her with a Casino Night Birthday Party. It was especially hard to keep it a secret from Grace, but it all paid off:)

Grace holding Sam
These are all of her Nephews (from left to right) Sam, Jackson, Parker, Frank, Josh, and Ray
Before Parker was there: