Ray's first cereal

Ray-Ray had his 4 month check up on Tuesday, he weights 16 pounds and is 25.5 inches long both of which are in the 68th percentile. He smiled plenty for the doctor and nurses until he got his shots. He was so furious! He scared both and nurse and I with an incredibly long holding-his-breath-scream.
That night he tried Rice Cereal for the first time. BJ took video, but I couldn't wait any longer for him to upload it on the computer so I got my own pictures on Wednesday night. He absolutely loves taking food from the spoon.

BJ's Paint ball weekend

Two Saturdays ago BJ played a super exciting game of paint ball at Camp Williams. I took these pictures just before he left at 7am that morning. He added a flashlight and camera to his gun for fun.

Two Saturdays ago BJ played a super exciting game of paint ball at Camp Williams. I took these pictures just before he left at 7am that morning. He added a flashlight and camera to his gun for fun.

Some more pictures

This was on BJ's phone, Ray's first time sitting up on his own! It was a long time too. We are at the Provo Temple in the grass. BJ's phone again, Ray really likes to do things all by himself!

Kinda hard to see but he has his finger in his mouth just hanging there, just had to make sure that his two teeth wouldn't disappear:)

I got this one this morning, he woke up at about 5am so he ended up sleeping next to me, then he slept for another hour or so after BJ and I got out of bed.

Dang, another one of him sleeping? This was Tuesday while I was shopping at Walmart! It was so adorable, one of the workers stopped to take a look and the lady in front of us at the checkout line, took one look and decided she wanted us to jump in head of her in line!

Ray-Ray likes the taste of paper

Ray has been learning lots of new tricks recently. He has started to be able to sit up by himself (though he still uses the boppie for help sometimes), he is also babbling and laughing more often. It has been so much fun to see all the new things he can do every single day.
The Mylers

This Week

This was the week of my birthday and some really great things have happened:
BJ surprised me with these really nice flowers.
On Monday Ray got his first tooth. It is his front tooth on the bottom left.
My birthday was on Tuesday and BJ surprised me with dinner at a Brazil Brasil and Bowling with my family. These are the stylish bowling shoes we wore.
The whole time we passed around Ray, who was completely happy to be in such a fun, new place. In fact the little guy waited patiently for his meal until after we finished our game. In this picture you can see our score screen, all broken and green. In fact as I was finishing up my last turn-AND GOT A STRIKE! (quite possibly the most exciting event of my life) the girl turned it off just as all the pins fell down, so I didn't get to see what my final score was, but you can bet it was REALLY HIGH:)
This was my cake, personally I think it had too many candles. But it was pretty darn cute how BJ arranged them. Thursday Ray was sitting up when he reached for the rattle, you can see just by is head in the picture, when he ended up on his tummy. Most times he doesn't really like tummy time very much so when I saw what had happened I let him complain about it for a little while, next thing I know he is fast asleep. TOO CUTE
This is the outfit Ray wore on Thursday to go out with Mommy and Daddy for "Date Night" we went to the Provo Temple. It was so much fun to just relax in the grass and see all the gorgeous flowers. Plus, for the very first time Raymond sat up on his own for a extended period of time. I am glad to report that he loves the outdoors and soft grass. He just isn't too sure about laying down in it. It really tickles his neck but he will put up with it to look up into the sky.

Bag of Chips

Checking it out

Yesterday, just as I was getting our things together to leave the house, Ray decided to give me a show. He had been playing with the rattle you see on his right, when I guess he got a look at his shirt and started pulling it up to see it closer. He got so excited he spit up all over. We didn't actually leave until a half hour later:)