Playing in the leaves

First a video, then some pictures, enjoy!

Work and Play

Just another late night with Ray-Ray. At the beginning of this clip he is watching the cat and camera, but keep watching he does some really cute stuff. 

This past weekend we went to the farm because BJ, Rob, and Boppy where putting in the laminate floor in the Family Room. We got there Friday, started the floor that evening, stayed overnight, 
(Frank, Emily, and Jackson)

(Rob and Sammy-if only Ray would follow his excellent sleeping example:)

and then before finishing it up Saturday morning, BJ had some paint ball fun with Jackson (left) and Josh (right). Here they are getting ready:

BJ let them take a couple dozen shots at him. Jack hit him on the side, and Josh hit him another five times! I was super impressed with them!

Happy Halloween!!

Our Halloween Holiday started when Ray got Halloween Baskets from his Auntie Grace and Auntie Em. Here is a picture of him checking out the yummy food:

 I love how he's feeding himself! He loves using his hands and getting into his food. Yesterday he had to feel every ounce of his cereal and baby food before I could put another spoonful in his month. It was almost like he was afraid I put something he didn't want in there. I did get a cute picture where you can finally see his teeth. 

BJ does a great job of helping feed our growing boy
So I am not sure how many of you I've told that we got a new car seat for Ray so that he can see out the windows a bit more....and he loves it. Except when he is very tired and starts to stare like this, he usually is sleeping immediately after
Ray had a great time outside with his cousins, swinging on a swing and riding in a wagon

So on Halloween, we ran some quick errands and Ray feel asleep in the car again, I guess he knew he would need the energy for the festivals we would have.
Ray did his Trick-or-Treating on the 24th with our Ward's Fall Festival. He made his appearance as a spider, so cute!

 So I think Ray really liked the whole idea of Candy

His spider custom was really hot so he just changed into Batman when he was tired of being a spider. Here we are together

We also carved (BJ did most of it) Ray's first Pumpkin: Notice that the teeth in the pumpkin match Ray's