Ray's Camera

Since  I've switched to an iPhone, Ray has had my old camera and takes pictures from time to time. He wanted me to put "a really cute one of Katie" on the blog so I put his memory card in the computer and found these gems:

He and Katie where "camping" on the trampoline shortly after we decided to get the camper and we couldn't stop planing our trips:)

Once things were nicely set up in the camper, Ray took so epic photos from his bunk bed. I think this is the weekend he got to play the Xbox from his bed!

Some times BJ will take pictures of the things he takes apart. Ray was working on his car in this one. He has also unscrewed Katie's fan to "clean out all the dust for her" and has his own set of tools already. 

He has become a master of timing and taking photos of himself in "natural" poses!

Kate was happy to be the subject of this adorable photo and the reason I pulled these off:

A view from my bedroom window and some videos:

From his loft bed:

Spying on Katie and I while he was supposed to be cleaning his room:


It is crazy that September will be over this week! BJ has been super sweet to me this month. He insisted that I get these wonderful mums.

 It was strange to not have my babies with me, especially after finishing our third full week of home school. Ray has a been putting together a project and presentation about paper. His math has improved and he is working on writing. 

The blue paper is what he made from a pulp and the squares of paper are the pieces he used for an experiment to see how strong they are. 

He added weight until the paper ripped through the push pin. 

Ray wrote a sweet note in Katie's notebook for her to find it says, "Der Kate I Love you. Love, Ray" She LOVED it and was so sincere in her "thank you, Ray Ray!"

Katie has been growing, and she looked super big with her foot sticking out!!

When BJ came home that day he just wanted to hold Katie before she gets too old. She is fast asleep in the picture and Ray decided to snuggle before having to go to bed.

Getting Halloween decorations up this week, I decided to make some curtains with Angry Birds fabric Ray found. However the mending I had to finish got the best of me and I sewed my finger! I was super lucky and the needle went into the right edge of my finger without touching the nail, bone, or getting stuck. I have been sewing for a long time and this has always been my greatest fear until now...my family says I am a pro like my mom and I couldn't be prouder!

My mom is a talented seamstress and I am grateful I grew up learning how to sew. So when we had an opportunity to see the Precious Moments Chapel, I took a picture of this decked out tree that reminded me of her: 

This place was all about Precious Moments, with a huge gift shop, market place with motorized dolls and chapel with floor to ceiling morals.

A special "Thank You" to Gamma and Boppy for taking such wonderful care of my babies. They had the time of their lives being at the farm and can't wait to go back for General Conference weekend!

I am happy to have them home and am glad that Gamma is willing to help me can all these apples this coming weekend:) The best really does lay ahead with the holidays, enjoy!

Things are Cooling Off

With the nicer weather, BJ consented to let me use his personal AC unit to dehumidify the basement. Ray and I came up with the set up since the cooler BJ was using tipped it so much it leaked water all over the floor:(

After a long day of school, playing with friends, and eating dinner...she was face planted into the couch! 

On Saturday it was really cool and BJ helped Katie pick out some clothes...she loved the attention from Daddy and is looking super grown up! Then Sunday she let me do her hair, with ribbons! I love how stinking cute her and Ray are...just not how tall they look! We got to video chat with Grandma Copus in Utah for her Birthday too! Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

True Family Fun Weekend

Ray on the Rock Wall!

Tour of BJ's work!

We even got to throw pies at BJ:

Katie was brave and climbed some really tall blowup slides!

First Week of School

For some reason the kids have been sleeping a lot. They work hard on school in the morning and finished everyday before lunch, after lunch they relax:

Rosie's new place to hang out:

One second she is sporting a pair of ear phones, the next she is brushing her hair. We also painted our nails while the boys played video games. I love girl things with Katie! 

We are still using up the the freezer meals so this was all I had to buy at ADLI and it cost just $20! Yes, I was pretty proud since I got 3 Cereal, 2 Mac and Cheese, 2 Milk, 2 Bread, 2 Tortillas, Eggs, Carrots, and hand soap:

Here are some of the sewing I got done:

Daddy helping Katie put on her new night gown: