Memorial Day Weekend at the Farm

We got a ton of rain! I think we pretty much stayed in pajamas the first day!

It made everything super green when we did finally get to go out and play. 

We hiked a bit to see the Round Spring. 

Even a waterfall!


Our pet Leopard Gecko, George hunting down meal worms!

Full Week


Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Copus


Zoo for Two!

I Graduated with My Masters in Elementary Education!

Just before the Ceremony on Sunday: 

Just after:

At the wonderful party at Grace's Home After: 

It was so good to have my parents in from Utah!

I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement of everyone (especially BJ)

Our "New" Basement



BJ's hard work of putting down the carpet really paid off. It is so much more fun to hang out in our basement now!

Mother's Day Weekend

I love spending all the time I can with them!

We picked up some chicks! In just a few short months BJ will turn them into chicken dinners.

Look at that handsome young man! He looks so old in this picture! Note that in the first picture (with power tools) his hair is super long and crazy....they went to get haircuts for Mother's day too!

Katie is a little mommy too!

In my heart, Ray and Kate will ALWAYS be my babies!

Water Time!

Katie prefers the bath tub!

Our 30 Pound Puppy!

She can swim!

This Emerald Ash Borer didn't see what was coming!

Her Kennel is still just a tad bit too big, the box is supposed to help her not have room to make messes, but lately it has become just another toy. Later (when I didn't have my phone nearby) she turned it over and climbed inside!

A REAL stick!

Table Time

Botanical Gardens

A friend of mine has two beautiful girls, with a little boy on the way, she invited us to the gardens and we were happy to go. We all had a great time: