Yep, my brother is getting married in August! I am super excited to get see him and all my family back in Utah. His sweetheart's name is Hazly and she is from Guatemala. I hear she is a wonderful cook and the best thing that has ever happened to Matt:)

Sat, April 18th

Talk about a busy weekend! First we had a Easter Egg Hunt at the Woods (Rob's parents) new place. The kids did a fabulous job finding ALL the eggs. It was a lot of fun.
Then Parker (David's nephew) had his first Birthday. It was quite possibly the best 1st Birthday I have attended:) Great job Tara and Linda!

Parker, the birthday boy with Ray in the wagon:)

BJ's Favorite part of the Zoo

At the Zoo

At the Zoo

Rays favorite was the Reptile House: 


On Easter Ray was playing in the kitchen and when his Gamma and Aunt Grace, went to go check on him, this is how they found him:)

So once he realized what a stool is for (I think the first really time was at the Johnson's home because they have a stool for Isaac in front of the window and Ray LOVES windows) he took it around the house. He used it to get up on the Coach, and to get a better look at the fish.

Happy Easter

This was some of the fun we had on Easter Eve: 

Game on Bed, take two

I realized that after I posted this video it would seem out of order, but this is a game Ray was playing on our bed. 

Americas Funnest Home Video

If you are a parent that uses a camera from time to time, you know that your child acts differently when you turn the camera on. My first attempt to getting Ray's cute game on the bed was interrupted when he grabbed the camera, so the second time I decided to set it up on a nearby self, and this is what happened! 

No need to worry, he was far from hurt and as you can see in my next post...he continued to play the game as if nothing happened. 


For the longest time I have been trying to get Ray's dancing recorded and this is what I have so far, he is basically bending his knees to the music. Maybe I will get his head bobbing and his foot tapping recorded someday. 


Here are some lovely pictures of our sweet Aussie, Clara. She got very smelly from playing in the pond at the farm over Conference weekend and this is right after she came back from a Petsmart grooming. 
Isn't the bow sweet? There where originally two, but she is good at getting them out. 
I am so amazed at how well Clara loves Ray. We recently saw the Movie Marley and Me, and I totally can see it all happening in our future with Clara. 


March 21st, we had breakfast from Jack-in-the-Box, and Ray was loving the French Toast sticks. So, we decided to buy a bag of the frozen kind for him. 

These next two pictures are kinda random, but anyone that has been on a LDS Service Mission, can understand just what these shoes mean to me. The first is the Brazilian shoe I came home in, I loved the brand so much I would travel to the one Mall in Curitiba that sold them and wore them my WHOLE mission. The second picture is the shoe I bought and broke in before my mission. They finally broke this past week so I had to throw them away...not before I remembered, walked in them once more, cried, and took a picture. 

This Conference weekend we went to the Farm and spent it with all of BJ's family. Here is a picture of Ray on the way up, he was rather cranky and didn't fall asleep until we had 20 min of the ride left. In fact, he slept an amazingly small amount this past weekend. I guess to make sure the he took advantage of every minute with his cousins

Sadly, this is the only picture I took...I wish I had taken more. The boys are growing so fast and there where some pretty funny times. Oh, and Clara met Emily's dog Molly for the first time. They fought a couple of times, but I think they where good friends by the end. Molly is much older than Clara and she really seemed to ordering her around, and Clare really didn't like that. Clara seemed to have a great time though. She got into everything, including some smelly fish and killed some small animals. Thank Heavens for Petsmart Grooming!

Oh, anyone who knows BJ, knows how much his loves Paintball, hunting, and guns. So, finally for the first time, BJ gave me a shooting lesson and I held a gun for the first time! I don't mean to brag, but turns out I am a natural:)  I even shoot the Revolver and Automatic guns that have more kick that, Grace's Husband, David brought.