Jane Louise Hiscox

My littlest niece is here! 

Katie took care of Jane's penguin until we got to her:

We are so happy Aunt Grace and baby Jane are healthy and resting at home!

Wrapping it Up

Since BJ's Facebook post in March, many of our family and friends have known about his new job and our eventual move to Atlanta. However, it hasn't been 100% real until now, as I write from our temporary home at the Farm with Gamma and Boppy! Our first outing was to Echo Buff and Boppy let Katie use his binoculars:


In fact, Katie loves Boppy so much she does an impression of  him I have yet to capture really well on camera, this is the best I have though:

Wonderful movers came and packed our home on Swaying Pine and put our things in storage until our home in Atlanta is ready.

In preparation we got new twin beds for the kids:



"Proud papa moment. Since I've been gone so much, Ray has started reading Katie bedtime stories. Tonight is an adventure with Tinkerbell. I love how he holds it so she can see the pictures. He is an incredible big brother" -BJ

BJ does a great job of making sure we all get time to be with him. 

Trip to Hilton Head to celebrate putting an offer on the house: 

Quick trip to Carthridge and Nauvoo to wrap up the camper season:

Labor Day at the lake with friends:


Final night at Dry Dock in the camper:

Emo's pizza:

Ready, set,


Oh, and Ray sure has been busy: 

Hanging out until dark: