Loving it!

So, last Friday I had my first gig as a Sub at the school. I have been volunteering there since the kids started in August and they convinced me to do the paperwork so I could get paid. I have to say it is a blast and I LOVE being were my babies are! 

The next day at church Katie was all shades of pink and BJ took a picture as we got to church. 

My Babies are So Big

Ray turned 10! Katie turned 6!

Ray had an epic Nerf gun battle with his friends after they had cake, ice cream, and presents. Katie and I hung out while she put her presents from Aunt Grace together!

Katie's friends dressed up for a Princess Tea Party and where watching YouTube and playing slime by the end!

Rose seemed pretty pleased:

We Did It!

We bought a new boat and we love it! Everyday it is warm enough, we go out on the lake with friends...because there is plenty of room!

Reading Week

I adore reading stories to Katie's class so when they had some sign ups and not enough parents volunteer, I may have done it a bunch of times! Plus I convinced BJ to go so I could tag along!

Weekend Fun

First a bit of camping and car racing: Pinewood Derby

Then some fun with friends on their boat!

Ray snacking on his winning candy from the Pinewood Derby

V-day at school

I got to hang out with Katie while they had a special snack! 

I am really glad Katie's teacher got a picture of Katie with her box, because I didn't. Rays was a really cool Pokemon box he made himself. He tore it apart the second he got home too. 

Happy Birthentine's!

If you don't remember, BJ's birthday is on Valentine's Day so this is what he named it this year! I love him so much and I don't know what I would do without him. On his return flight from Germany he had a serve allergic reaction and ended up staying in the hospital while they got it under control. When he saw an allergist this is what the next week looked like for him:

Evening Pills:

and another bunch for morning pills.

Unfortunately, he did have to be gone for business on his actual birthday. Here we are hanging out before he had to catch a flight and as soon as he got back we had some of his favorites, like cheese bread. 

This is what I wrote on his Facebook wall: Hey! On this the day of your birth, I wanted to thank you for being the single most important person in my life and making it so wonderful! Even from a distance, you brighten my life and make it worth living!! Enjoy your day, Sweetie! Te amo!! Juntos para Sempre!!