Happy New Year!

Today Ray got his first filling in this photo and video the bottom right side of his month is still "asleep"

Ray and Katie enjoying the stickers Ray received for a being so brave at the dentist!

Enjoying New Year Root Beer!

Happy 2013!

Peek-a-Boo Katie Style

So Happy Together

For Christmas I got my babies Bedtime Story Books:) Here they are in Ray's bed ready to read:)

We just got back from Church, still looking really good!

Not sure way she has such a silly face, but I LOVE all the pink ruffles she was rocking today!

I need to work on getting her "Baa baa" singing with the back of her hand on video, but here is a sneak peak:

Full Day

We met up at Gamma's work for lunch with everyone that didn't have to work today. 
Katelyn got a Chocolate Chip Cookie: 

Then we went to the Science Center:

Just moments from saying good-bye to all their cousins: 

Even after I brought them in from the car:

Hope I can get them to go to bed now:)

Christmas Day

Just waking up.

Katelyn got bath toys!

Me and my sweetie!

Emily and Lindsay

BJ with Katelyn and then with Gamma:)

BJ and Ray sharing the Cotton Candy Maker they got me!

You can see the Pink Machine with Ray he is waving the cotton candy instead of smiling:)


And this is what Katelyn thought: 

Christmas Eve

I made matching pajamas for us:

I have to let you know before you watch these that BJ tries to ruin them. The first is clean because you can't really tell what he is doing. However, he does show his chest in the second. Don't say I didn't give you full warning if you get squeamish;) Just typical BJ, right? ...otherwise it is super sweet Christmas songs with everyone singing together.

Firsts at the Farm

While we where waiting around for Christmas to come, we experienced some fun firsts at the farm.

First time a clip stayed in Katelyn's hair!

Linsdsay's first time on the porch swing:

Lindsay's first rice cereal!

First all girl cousin bath time:

and they all somehow ended up wearing cupcakes!