BJ's First day at work

This morning I sent BJ off to his first day working at National Cart Co. He was super excited (and nervous).
I think Ray could tell something imporant was happening to day.

When it was time for Daddy to go, Ray watched with excitement.
And he made sure to gave Daddy tons of hugs and kisses.


Ray LOVES playing with is so cute.

What we have been doing

Sorry for the long delay in updating our blog, it has been a really busy summer with so much fun stuff going on. First I have some WAY GOOD NEWS,

are you ready....?

BJ HAS A JOB! He starts at 9am tomorrow at National Cart Co. Where he'll work with a team to draft and model all kinds of shopping carts, and everything that has to do with every type of cart.
He is really excited and grateful to be working again.
Here is their website, check it out!!

We are all relieved and are sleeping a little sounder:)

BJ and Ray on the Carousel at the Mills

Our Nephew Jackson at his Tee-ball game