Off to a Running Start

Snow and Digital Learning days made it feel like we were homeschooling again! We loved it and it worked out because Ray was sick for some of them and didn't have to miss school!

Ray and Katie's Nerf War!!!

Meanwhile BJ has been getting ready to go boating once it stays nice. He took some friends and Ray to the boat show!

Unfortunately, after a week of being healthy and going to school, Ray came down with the flu that has got everyone scared this year. It was just as BJ headed to Germany too! I am so grateful he has really great friends that were willing to give Ray a blessing in his absence! Poor kid, had a fever almost the whole week and didn't back to school till Friday! 

His favorite part about being sick was playing board games with me!
We had some pretty memorable battles playing Risk! 

Meanwhile, BJ was traveling for work to Mexico with Antonio and even a trip to Germany!