We're Camping Again!

We finally got to spend the night at the camper this weekend and it is crazy how much we still LOVE it! We did some of our favorite poses from last year. The night was complete with a campfire and s'mores. What do you think?


This weekend:



Last one from 2015:

The happiness of our first meal in the camper this year:

Rose seemed to enjoy herself too!

Th lake was the lowest we've ever seen it!

Love this two! Can't wait for the weather to warm up some more!

Ray J!

Robert (BJ) coached Ray's basketball team this year! It was a great season and we all had a blast! It was fun to see how much Ray has improved from last year and just how much he loves to play. 

One of my favorite pictures, he is happy because his sister is happy and he sees how happy that makes me :)

Ray will help Katie set up to watch him play video games.

Even Rose gets all relaxed and happy near him and is perfectly happy to hang out with Ray. 

He has been folding the Ships from Star Wars and this was one of the coolest yet! 

Katie wanting to be just like him!

It got stick!

What's up?

Classic Katie answer: shoulder shrug!

Apparently a lot is happening with how I have been finding her room.

One of her puppies needed a bed so it only made sense to use the bath tub in her Barbie House!

Her set up for watching videos Netflix on the iPad! 

Here are some videos I took while Ray was flying some of the Star War's flyers he has been making. Katie did not like that he was getting so much attention or the fact that the "leftover" plane she had did not do "woop woops" like his.

She has had Puppy since the day she was born. BJ picked him out for her and now it is her favorite! 

Just like I am..

most of the time:

Daddy did it again and now she has a monkey neck pillow that she loves too!

She follows her daddy's example of thoughtfulness by helping me make a card.

Katie can be just as silly too!

Happy Birthday BJ!

BJ and Boppy's Birthdays are on Valentine's Day! 

Katie "modeled" the cake for the boys and is gearing up for her own birthday next month. 



Coming up with ways to make her balloon float: 

And she even found the car she wants to drive! You can tell she REALLY LOVES it because she is hugging it with a huge smile on her face:

Cousin Time

Aunt Grace, Hannah, and Caleb came to visit! 

Girls painted nails:

The boys on the other hand...

Boppy and Caleb got hair cuts:

Ray made a Mii for Boppy so that he'd be set next time he comes to play:

More Snow

The snow was super powdery!

What Katie rather be doing:

Flowers, Family, and Friends

I picked matching Hyacinths for a good friend and I. Just over the last two weeks mine has gone from a jar that held the bulb to display the roots, to a vase and dirt I rigged to help support the now huge, fragrant flowers!

Much like the carefully balanced iPad on Katie's stroller, I enjoy the friendship and companionship of good friends and family:

It is safe to say that Ray and Katie are good friends, and it is a joy to see them growing up together!

We got more snow to enjoy:

Thankfully, the past few days have felt like spring and we've enjoyed time outside with our neighbors and friends. The weekend was so nice we had an outdoor BBQ at Grace and David's house! We had a wonderful time catching up with them and hanging out with Caleb and Hannah. 

Just yesterday the kids somehow convinced me that it was warm enough to have ice cream outside! 


Just two doors down live another family that home school.


Katie and their youngest Quinn are pretty much twins and about 2 months apart in age!

And just across our circle is another family we play basketball with. Chloe and Katie spent most of the Ray and Manson's game on Saturday hanging out together.