Winter Fun

Today is our last day of school before our break! This is at the Elementary School near our home where we've been checking out books. We had a ton to return and I had planned to not check out any more until after the break. Ray found a bunch he wanted, we settled on one each...much like I settled on what Katie decided she was wearing.

Katie helping me wrap presents: 

Katie wanted me to get a picture after she did our hair for bed:

Ray has been sleeping in a lot lately so Katie and I find we are enjoying time together in the morning. I know she loves having me all to herself.

There where a couple mornings I would hold tuck her into my bed and she would sleep just as long as her brother. 

She was giving our lesson for Family Home Evening and it was amazing to see how big she has gotten! I mean seriously look at how long her legs have gotten!

Sometimes it is hard to fit into places she used to. I love her ingenuity and making it possible to lay down, eat cereal, and watch Barbie on the iPad!

Christmas Traditions

For eight years in a row we have gone to see Christmas lights at Our Lady of the Snows with family. Here Katie, Caleb, Ray and Hannah are posing in front of a beautiful tree they had near the gift shop where we pick out a new member for our nativity. Grace got the best shoot of all of them smiling and one of my favorites ever of Hannah below (all her are square with borders).

The kiddos stood up out of the sun roof of our Jeep to see the lights. Grace has a sun roof too so Hannah and Katie would talk back and forth about the lights as we drove around the grounds.

Ray and Hannah on a camel!

Katie's version of the same thing:

Boppy, BJ, and Caleb:

Ray deciding which hungry goat to feed

Katie's carrots where gone quickly, she talked and pet every animal that she could:

The Santa picture from the Mall is my favorite even through Katie wasn't the happiest about being with Santa. They met this Santa at Walmart and I think he wanted the picture more than even I did.