Ray's haircut

So, it was time for Ray to get another haircut, this time he sat all by himself in the chair and was super good (he had this look on his face the whole time).

Fun at the Farm

New Carribean Cove

We went with Josh and Jack to go pet the Stingrays at the Zoo.
It was so cool!

Petting the goats

More fun at the Zoo

Watching the River Otters:

Ray tried to catch the fish!
Sam looks really cool in this Jeep, he is a pro at making sound effects, and at first I thought it was an electric one.
All the boys, plus, watching the Apes.

Sat, May 16th

Yep, I got a new haircut, what do you think? Do you like the Red Highlights?

This is during our nature walk, BJ is so good with Ray! He will answer and explain no matter how many times Ray seems points and make noise....

You got to admit it is pretty cute!

Yikes! I almost stepped on this copperhead snake! I wasn't planning on getting that close to the wildlife...but it was a very nice nature walk:)

Night time snack

Ray is definitely growing...he eats enough!
These pictures are of his much-needed 8 pm snack, just before bedtime:)

Nature walk

Saving Money

Here is a really cute video of Ray putting his money in his bank:)




The 1st day of May was Josh's 1st Pinewood Derby:) He came in second for his age group, and fifth overall!! We all are so proud of him

Unfortunately Ray got to the group picture I took of the shirts Emily made for the event. They spelled "JOSH!" when they all stood together.

Here are some pictures of Ray's favorite stunt on the couch.

Sunday, Ray walked on his own for the 1st time!
He is walking all the time now and amazes us everyday.
Yesterday was our 3rd Wedding Anniversary....I can't even begin to say how happy I am about where we are in our lives today, and who we get to share it with:)

Friday, Apr. 24th

Friday morning Gamma went to the emergency room, she had a minor stroke that made her left hand go limp. With some time in the hospital and a lot of work on her part, she is already able to do it all again. She is such an amazing woman! We are so blessed to have her! And want her to know that we don't mind helping with the little things that she needs. WE LOVE YOU GAMMA!

Thur, Apr 23rd

We went to the Museum of Transportation with Emily, Grace and David, Gamma and all the boys. Here we are on the Tram getting ready to go ride the train.

During the train ride, I was having too much fun watching Ray and Sam's faces to take pictures. Not to mention it was my first kiddie train ride too:)

Then it was off the the "Creation Station" where they had all kinds of toys. (Thomas the Train sets for Sam) I thought it was pretty cute that Ray was wearing his Pirate shirt and he was playing in the big ship they had there.

After looking at more real cars and trains (and ringing the bell!) we rested a big before leaving.