Happy Halloween!

What are your going to be for Halloween? Tonight we all dressed up in the spirit of the movie Wreck-it-Ralph

Some of the things we have been doing to enjoy the Fall Weather: 

Moving to Our New Home

Thanks to team work, we had a successful move to our new home. 

After BJ, set the couch up on its side, Katie wanted to sit on the arm and still use it as a seat. 

Thank you Gamma, Boppy, David, Grace and Hannah for all your help with moving! Here, I was distracting the girls while BJ and Ray worked on his bed, and Uncle David built our TV stand!

The few exhilarating moments as BJ enjoyed the Snapper Mower until the engine blow up.  

I little sunshine for a long moving day:

Celebrating victory as we fly a kite...

Relaxing in our spacious living room: 


A playground just a block away!