Katie was asking Rose for kisses and telling me "kiss" right before I captured this video, then directly after she leaned in to give Rose a kiss on the head! 

Our Chocolate Labrador, Rose

 BJ's hard work and determination to find us the perfect puppy finally paid off! Here is our new little friend!

This was the car ride home, she did very well!

Ray and Katie welcomed her by throwing a party in her kennel:)

She had proceeded to win our hearts one by one

She is already VERY close to being potty trained and this is the usual look of "what's next" she gives me during the day. I am very grateful that I have the time to be at home to spend training her. She is a joy and a sweetheart. The loving friendship I see between her and my kiddos is incredible!

Everything In Between

Katie with her cousin Lindsay, just 6 months younger! They were instant friends and Katie called her "baby" and would kiss and hug her, try to left her, and made sure that she was taken care of. 

We were so busy playing with the kids to get pictures of the first two days, so I might have to steal some from others, but here are their favorites that we did right before checking out on Monday. 

It was a BLAST!

Evening Cake!

Katie's cupcakes had princess rings

That cool Spider-man ended up to be an awesome door hanger!

Morning Presents

Bright and early on Sunday, March 16th the Birthday fun began with PRESENTS! Thank you everyone, including the cards and money that was sent to my baby's for their birthday! 

In Just Ten




Laundry Basket




It has been a pleasure to hear what Katie is thinking! She is saying more and more everyday! I love this video because when she realizes that Ray is coming, she acts worried and says "oh no" and makes it very clear that she will "DO IT!" 


Blowing Baby's Nose

Following Ray's Lead

Want some cheese with that? 

It has been fun watching Katie take Ray's lead on things and on good days he is happy to include her:)

She made her bed! So proud! 

Pez! Ray really enjoyed showing her...could be the fact that she thought he is a genius! 

Lego time! Ray is teaching her (and me) everything there is to know about Legos for there birthday trip coming up:) 

Yes that is a chick... Just a preview it the many things we'll be doing soon!