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Tea Pot Song


Sneaky Pirate

Over the last little bit Ray has gotten taller, but not quite tall enough to get the lights in the bathroom. This is how I found him...only he was on his tip toes reaching, guess he wanted to be more modest for the picture:)
Ray decided to ignore my many warnings to not run at the pool, and scraped his knee up pretty bad. It was a good thing we put a band-aid on! I can only imagine how dirty his knee would have gotten without it. Once again...he is modestly hiding-he must know I don't have Photoshop right now:)
This is the fantastic Pirate Birthday Party for Lizzy we went to on Saturday. It is no secret that Ray has a crush on Lizzy...just look at his face and awkward attempt to hold his sword just like her! He followed her around for most of the party.

This is the huge gift Ray picked out for Lizzy...see seemed to really like it:)